Disciplines: UX/UI Design
Type: User Interface Project


This is an easier method to control the home and gives people a more convenient and comfortable home life. Even when not at home, you still can check and control the home without going there to manually turn on or turn off the lights or control climate. This is one device that supports everything and operates all of the home systems. It is easier than returning home.


Many people leave home on business or travel for several weeks. At this time, they cannot observe the condition at home. The house may have safety issues if nobody is at home for a long time.

People who are extremely occupied with a task might not be able to reach the lights or climate control. Also, seniors and disabled adults also may have some trouble accessing light and climate controls.

Some users also want to create a schedule because they want it to be automatic and not have to operate the app each time.


Help users monitor their home more easily when they go out.

It is more convenience for users to control the light and climate systems using an app.

The app allows users to create a schedule and can help them save time and not do the same thing repeatedly.

Final Design

Login Page:
The process of how to create a new account and how to reset password

Home Page:
Control the main switch, check and edit profile page, use voice to control functions

Light And Climate Page:
Control all of the rooms' light and climate, adjust light and temperature

Security Page:
Check all of the cameras and viewing history, monitor each of the doors

Schedule Page:
Make a schedule for light and climate for specific times


Logo Design

Icon Design

Navigation Icon
Security Icon

Illustration Design

Information Architecture