Disciplines: UI, Front-End Development
Type: Coding Project


People sometimes suffer from an animal attack. For example, there are some bears in the National Parks. When traveling, people may meet a bear. How can people avoid dangerous animals? Also, some animals may not hurt you but they steal people’s food. How can people protect their goods?


In daily life, people suffer from animal harassment. Raccoons get into the trash. This can cause them to have harmful bacteria on their fur so people also need to avoid animals to protect themselves.


Create an animal tracking app to help people know animals habits. When people see animals, they will record the specific animal and the location to share on the app. Other people will notice and avoid these animals.

Primary Audience

People like to travel, but they are not familiar with the place. They do not know where the safe places are and how to avoid dangerous animals.

Secondary Audience

People want to avoid an area with dangerous animals especially if they have children. Harmful bacteria and animal attacks can be avoided.


Age: 34
Gender: Male

Bio: Steven is an architect who has a daughter. He likes the gym and watches sports. On holiday, he usually travels with his family.

Goal: To help him avoid dangerous animals when traveling with his family.

Frustration: On holiday with my family, I always fear we may meet dangerous animals that could hurt us.

Age: 28
Gender: Female

Bio: Janney is an artist who has an eight-year-old son. She needs to take care of her son every day.

Goal: To help avoid animals getting close to her son, when they are outside.

Frustration: When I go outside, sometimes there are raccoons, and my child wants to pet them. I worry about harmful bacteria.

Information Architecture