Branding Redesign

Disciplines:UX/UI Visual Design
Type: Branding project


Takara Restaurant is a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant.


The original branding design of TAKARA restaurant is inconsistent; the logo, menu, and website have different styles, so customers have a hard time remembering the restaurant’s characteristics.

In peak times, too many customers want to order and they need to wait for more than a half-hour. Waiters are also too busy and they cannot quickly go to the table for service.

Some people plan to go to this restaurant, but when they arrive they have to wait for a long time. That can cause them to change their plans and go to another place.


Combining the logo, menu, and website into one style, and interacting with consumers through a consistent brand voice and aesthetic is a major step towards letting consumers get to know you as an organization.

Making a terminal program to help people more easily and quickly order food and checkout by themselves, avoiding waiting for service.

The website adds online reservation and online order components. People can find out how many people are currently waiting and determine the time on which they will arrive. They also can order online beforehand and get the food when they arrive in the store.

Identity Design

Icon Design

Digital Menu

This is a workflow that goes from browsing the menu to placing the order. The program automatically orders foods and allows them to check out. Customers do not wait for a waiter to order foods, drinks, and checkout using the digital menu.


The workflow is from checking the restaurant information to reservation. Users can make a reservation on the official website.

The design of the uniforms, bags, business cards, and posters make for better publicity. The branding is more consistent.

8 Logo design

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The Logo

Takara is a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. Takara, in the Japanese language, is “たから”. That means precious and treasure. Therefore, the logo combines “魚” and “宝” together. “魚” means fish to symbolize traditional Japanese sushi. “宝” means Takara, precious and treasure.

Final Logo